CLASS II 85V - 370 V Power Module Intelligent Household Switch Power Supply

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Miejsce pochodzenia: CHINY
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Orzecznictwo: RoHS
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Nazwa produktu: Moduł mocy CLASS II Częstotliwość wejściowa:: 47-440 Hz
materiał: Emaliowany drut miedziany Brak mocy wejściowej obciążenia: &lt;200 mW</span>
Wzmocniona izolacja: Klasa II Zakres napięcia wejściowego:: 85 do 370 V DC

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CLASS II 85V - 370 V Power Module , intelligent household switch power supply



With 92% of the high efficiency of small heat, large current. The use of Sanyang chip capacitors and shielded inductors, SMD machine patch, reflow soldering process, consistency is very good, has been used to monitor, FM transmitter and other electronic equipment, with a stable and reliable, low price advantages.





1. Car power supply, you only need to connect the module input on the car cigarette lighter power supply, you can adjust the potentiometer, the output voltage can be adjusted at 1.25-30V for your mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PSP charge Many of the equipment power supply, very simple and convenient.


2. To power the electronic equipment, when the device needs 3-35V power supply and the corresponding voltage power, the use of this module can be easily transferred to the required voltage voltage to solve the problem.


3. System work voltage test, do the project can use this module to debug a variety of voltage test system operating voltage range, very easy and convenient.






Input voltage range:


85-265V AC


85-370V DC

85to370Volts DC

Input Frequency:


47- 440Hz


Output voltage accuracy(full load)



Line output voltage variation



Load output voltage variation



No load input power



reinforced insulation



Vac Input/Output Isolation test voltag




CLASS II 85V - 370 V Power Module Intelligent Household Switch Power Supply

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